My Story

My training journey began when I moved away from home. I grew up in the country and got a dog of my own when I was 16. When it was time to leave home of course my girl was coming with me. But she never really learned to walk on leash and she wasn't really dog social. So I started training. Then I took her to a class to work on her reactivity. She is a gem, training her is fun though also challenging. My trainer actually asked me after class if I'd ever thought about being a trainer. I didn't really take her seriously, I was doing other things...

I went to college at OU to become an engineer, but I had a feeling during my first internship that I might not enjoy that career path. Chasing my passion, I enrolled in dog trainer's school, half way through my engineering degree, just in case I ended up wanting to do something else. Through CATCH Trainers Academy I learned the science behind the training methods. I read a lot about dogs and how their minds work. I am a super nerd and loved it, still do.

At the same time, I started working with the Fairfield County Dog Adoption Center and Shelter. My time there was invaluable. I got to teach a whole slew of dogs basic obedience commands and loved doing it, though it can be tough work! I also fostered four different dogs around that time and learned new things through caring for them. Once I completed my certification in July of 2017 I officially launched my business. A few months later I completed my engineering degree and went to work in the "real world". I took on a few private lesson clients around work and trained foster dogs for free. I became an active volunteer with Cause for Canines and even ended up adopting my second dog through them. I began a relationship with Homedog Resort and Daycare in the beginning of 2018. I taught group classes there for a year and a half and had a fantastic time working there.

Now I have officially given up engineering and am training full time! I know this is the right path for me and will make me happy. I am focusing on private lesson programs and developing remote training options. I am truly passionate about learning as much as I can about man's best friend and sharing that knowledge with whoever will listen. Hopefully that includes you!

My Dogs

Chloe and Riley are my black beauties. Chloe is my 12 year old girl I have had since she was 2 months old. Riley is my 4 year old boy I adopted in September of 2018.